NVO Mladi Romi organizovala sastanak sa mentorima i predstavnicima kancelarije Unicefa

NVO Mladi Romi 24. marta održala je online sastanak sa predstavnicama kancelarije Unicefa i mentorkama iz nekoliko škola u Crnoj Gori.


Roma students enrolled in first grade of secondary education receive learning support

NGO Young Roma, which has been working for 15 years to improve the Roma position in Montenegro, due to the COVID-19 impact on education of the Roma students and the need for stronger support to reduce drop-outs, has started implementation of the Learning support to secondary school Roma students initiative. This initiative which will target Roma high school students enrolled in first grade, is supported by UNICEF Country Office in Montenegro.


Currently, 88 Roma students, 49 boys and 38 girls, are enrolled in the first grade of high school. In the previous school year, the number of Roma students who were enrolled and complete school was 41 (25 boys and 16 girls).

Due to the noticeable increase in enrollment of Roma students, the initiative will be implemented in all municipalities in Montenegro with Roma students. Mentors/teachers will provide learning support to Roma students during the current school year, monitor their work, taking particular attention to the specific needs of students, to improve their attendance and increase motivation for continuing education.

Within this initiative workshops for 300 adolescent girls and boys will be organized. Workshops areaimed at raising awareness about peer violence, sexual and reproductive health, and the development of skills that are important for success in life and school.


In addition to the above, the programme will also provide peer support, which is organized for the first time, with the aim to gather 50 Roma students and students from the majority population in order to jointly master the school material.

The purpose of the programme is the inclusion of Roma students, better connections with students of the majority population, regular class attendance, improving school success and increasing the rate of completion of secondary education.

Mentoring of Roma students in second, third and fourth grade of high school is provided through other initiatives of the NGO Young Roma.

Our organization vision: Equal, educated and active Roma man and women in Montenegro



Training for new associates - facilitators of ROMACTED programme in Montenegro

The ROMACTED team (consisted by the members of the Council of Europe and NGO Young Roma) was joined by four new associates from the Roma community itself.



Gostovanje izvršnog direktora NVO "Mladi Romi" na televiziji Vijesti povodom dana Roma

Izvršni direktor organizacije NVO "Mladi Romi" gostovao je u jutarnjem programu televizije "Vijesti" povodom obilježavanja Svjetskog dana Roma, 8. aprila.


Public relations seminar

Seminar ,, Public relations was organized in period 01-03.07.2016. by NGO Young Roma. Seminar was one of the activities implemented trough the project ,, Strengthening capacities of Roma for public activism- United we reach more“, supported by the Delegation of European Union to Montenegro“.

Trainers at this seminar were professor Radoje Cerovic and producer Mirko Boskovic.

At mentioned three day seminar , participants were young activists belonging to RE community, and they together with trainers, contributed to successful implementation of all planned activities. Complex of Public relations and wide themes it includes were presented to participants , trough theoretical and practical approach.




United we reach more!


Scholarships for Roma high school students




Roma in media