Together for the inclusion of Roma and Egyptians trough transparent and sustainable public policies

NGO Young Roma, in January 2017 started with the implementation of the project "Together for the inclusion of Roma and Egyptians through transparent and sustainable public policies". Project is related to monitoring of policies aimed at the integration of Roma and Egyptians in the Montenegrin society as well as the monitoring of the budget allocation for the measures aimed to Roma and Egyptians integration.


Increasing the employability of long-term unemployed women - DorraNuova

NGO Young Roma in partnership with the NGO Hands from HercegNovi, started with implementation of the project "Increasing employability of long-term unemployed women - DorraNuova". Project is supported by the Ministry of Finance through the funds of the European Union. This pilot project will include 24 long-term unemployed women from the territory of Kotor, Herceg Novi and Tivat.


Beat your prejudice!

NGO Young Roma, in cooperation with debate club “Agora”, is starting with the implementation of project “Beat your prejudice!”, that will last till May of 2017. Project is financed by the Embassy of the United States - Podgorica, through Democracy Commission Small Grants Program.


Erasmus + Project on Building Capacity for Roma Organization’s on EU Funding and Partnership Building

NGO Young Roma will start the implementation within the project “Roaming – Capacity Building of Roma Organization’s on EU Funding and Partnership Building” . Project will start on 01/09/2016 and will last till 01/09/2017.


Strengthening capacities of Roma for public activism – United we reach more!

National Strategy for improving the position of Roma and Egyptians 2012 – 2016 and supporting action plans at national and local level embrace the stance that improvement of position of Roma population is hardly achievable without their appropriate participation in public life.


Joint initiative to empower Roma civil society in the Western Balkans and Turkey

The action aims to set up afacilitating structure for (pro) Roma civil society to actively participate in the local and national policy and decision making process and establish a constructive and systematic dialogue with authorities and Roma NGOs/CBOs to influence policies on Roma integration, social inclusion, non-discrimination, interethnic dialogue, socio-economic development and citizens’ rights.


Dorra Nuova: Enhancing employability of Romani women in Herceg Novi

The aim of the project "Dorra Nuova" is to strengthen the employability of Romani women in Herceg Novi through the provision of space and materials for handcrafting and selling unique jewelery.


Basic literacy programme for adult Roma in Herceg Novi

This project, supported by the Municipality of Herceg Novi, aims to provide adult Roma with elementary literacy skills in order to facilitate their daily life and accelerate their integration into the Montenegrin society. The target group of the project is 20 adult Roma men and women who live in Herceg Novi.


Institutional support by the Norwegian Embassy

Although active in the protection of Roma population for 10 years, many activities of the Young Roma remained unknown to wider audience in Montenegro due to undeveloped visibility and communication strategy.




United we reach more!


Scholarships for Roma high school students




Roma in media