They left India in the 10th century, and today mostly inhabit the Europe. According to some data, there are about 10 million of them, mostly in Romania (550.000), Bulgaria (350 000) and the Czech Republic (210 000). They are not united in religion, they have free spirit, no one can beat them in joy, dancing and singing, and they call themselves - Roma.

Many famous artists, scientists and performers are proud of their Roma origin, but there were those stars that we all seem to know all about, except that they are of Roma origin. Among them there are: British actor Michael Caine, one of the greatest filmmakers in the world cinema Charlie Chaplin, American actor Yul Brynner, and the famous pin-up goddess and sex symbol of the 40s Rita Hayworth, writes Press-online.

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Michael Caine (1933)


 According to the magazine "Gypsy Roma Traveller", one of the best British film and theater actor Sir Michael Caine is of a Roma origin. His full name is Maurice Joseph Micklewhite; namely, in the Roma tradition of his family, the first-born son should be named - Maurice.

Hence, he and his father had the same name. Caine is a double Oscar winner - 1987 (for Woody Allen's accomplishment "Hannah and Her Sisters") and 2000 ("The Cider House Rules") when he was awarded the Order of the Knight by Queen Elizabeth II for his contribution to the film industry.


Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977)

carli caplin

The world was rumbled by discovery of a document that confirms that one of the greatest filmmakers in world cinema Charlie Chaplin was actually Roma and that he was born in a Gypsy caravan. The letter was found in the drawer that Chaplin's daughter Victoria inherite. The letter was sent by a certain Jack Hill from Tamworth, who reveals his knowlwdge on the actor's origin, learnt from his aunt.

- The caravan belonged to Roma Queen, who was my aunt. You were born in the "Black Patch" is set Smethwick near Birmingham - wrote Hill. Otherwise, "Black Patch" was wagon settlement from the era of industrialization in Birmingham in 1880, and Chaplin's birth certificate was never found, although at the end of 1880 this was a legal obligation.


Yul Brynner (1920-1985)


Hollywood actor Yul Borisovich Brynner, according to his own testimony, had a quarter of the Roma and a quarter of Jewish blood. Naimly, the father of Brynner's mother Marousia Dimitrievna Blagovidova was a Russian Jew and her mother was Russian Roma.

It is among the Roma where Brynner has learned to play the guitar and play on the trapeze. In his lifetime, he was elected honorary president of the Roma and wore that title proudly to death. He played in the world's great film hits such as "The Magnificent Seven", and became famous after the role of the prince and the pharaoh Ramses in the cult film adaptation of the story of Moses and the 10 commandments of God in the eponymous film. However, Our audience still knows him best  for the role of the engineer of the government in the epic spectacle of Veljko Bulajić's "Battle of Neretva".


Elvis Prisley (1935-1977)


According to the magazine, "Gypsy Roma Traveller", distant cousins of King of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley, were Roma who lived in Germany in the early 18th century, and then emigrated to the USA. The magazine states that the mother's maiden name was Smith Presley, which was, as stated in the text, "a common name for British Roma".

However, David Altheer, writer and researcher of Roma culture, challenged the writing of this magazine stating that it caused "disinformation of readers".

- As so far known in professional circles, there were no records that Elvis Presley had Roma origin. The fact that someone had Roma relatives in the family 300 years ago does not mean that he himself is Rom - said Altheer.


Bob Hoskins (1942-2014)


So many people confused English actor Bob Hoskins with American actor Danny DeVito, but there is small number of people who knew that Robert William Hoskins was of Roma origin (by his grandmother). During most of his young days, this actor spent traveling and working in the circus. He spent the year of 1967  as a volunteer at Kibbutz Zikim in Israel, and before the film career he worked as a fire-eater in a circus, chimney sweeper, sailor and salesman.

According to his own testimony, he got the first role by accident in 1969. He wanted to escort his friend to casting, however, one of the agents confused him with one actor and got a part in a play. He experienced a breakthrough in the realization "Black Friday for gangsters" from 1980. 


Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)


One of the greatest painters, sculptors, writers and graphic artists of the 20th century, the founder of cubism (along with Georges Braque), Spaniard Pablo Picasso was proud of his Roma origin.

A painter who has created more than 6,000 paintings, sculptures and drawings, and whose efface worth millions was married twice and had many mistresses. He also had four children, and the last - daughter Paloma was born when he was 68. 


Rita Hayworth (1918-1987)


Although many disputed this fact, according to the magazine "Gypsy Roma Traveller", American pinup goddess and sex symbol of the 40s Rita Hayworth was born as Margarita Carmen Kansino, a Roma women.

Red-haired beauty became a blonde for the purpose of film, and had 71 roles in her career. Her most famous film "Gilda" from 1946 is remembered by Rita's sensual take off of one glove.

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