Video within the project "United we can do more - vote for students, support for workers!" created

Having in mind the importance of the work performed by utility companies for the whole society, for each local community on one side, for each individual on the other, and the importance, weight and responsibility of work performed by employees, field workers of these companies, for the needs of the project United we reach more - voice to students, support to workers, a promotional video was made which aims to raise citizens' awareness of the importance of adequate waste disposal and the importance of the work performed by the workers of these companies. You can watch the video on the link -

The project United can do more - voice to students, support for workers is implemented by the NGO Young Roma in cooperation with the Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro. One of the goals of the project is to support workers and unions at the level of utility companies in Montenegro and, in general, to contribute to social and labour rights of employees in utility companies, and the development of social dialogue at the level of the companies themselves in order to improve their business. The project is supported by the European Union, through the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro.



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