Decade Focal Point 2013

Full participation and involvement of Romani communities, including through Romani civil society, is one of the commitments made within the Decade.

As enshrined in the Decade’s Terms of Reference, Romani civil society is entitled to participate actively in the Decade process including in decision making, contribute to effective implementation of the National Decade Action Plans by initiating dialogue between the local authorities and local Romani communities, communicate the goals and objectives of the Decade to the Romani population, actively participate and offer its input and expertise in implementation and monitoring at the national level of the National Decade Action Plans, and ensure the participation of Roma to the broadest possible extent in the Decade process at the national level. Specifically, Romani civil society is represented at the International Steering Committee meeting – the governing body of the Decade on the international level.

To ensure this, the Decade Secretariat issued an open call for selection of Decade Focal Points in 2012. YOUNG ROMA is Decade Focal Point for Montenegro.

The Decade Secretariat provides grants to selected country Decade Focal Points, which should provide for achievement of the following principle activities:

  • organizing and financing participation of a Romani civil society delegate at Decade, EU Framework and other relevant Roma inclusion international events

  • contributing to the international Decade information system

  • disseminating Decade and EU Framework related information on the national level

  • supporting international partners’ work on national level

  • conducting national advocacy

  • attending Decade Focal Points networking meetings.





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