NGO Young Roma proposed to the Ministry of Education to improve the position of the associates in social inclusion of Roma in education

NGO Roma, in order to improve the position of associates in social inclusion of Roma in education, who are engaged by the Ministry of Education for primary schools in Montenegro, with the consent of all associates, sent a proposal to Ministry of Education to increase salaries of associates in social inclusion of Roma in education, according to the aggravating inclinations in the work.

Associates are imediators in communication between parents and school to  overcome the problems and needs of Roma children. This occupation is foreseen by the Strategy for Social Inclusion of Roma and Egyptians 2016-2020. The standardization and the systematization of this job is envisaged and realized.

Associates make sure that children regularly attend classes, pay their school obligations, and do not lag behind with the material. The employment norm stipulates that a mediator must take care of at least 70 children.

Our organization was informed by the associates in the social inclusion of Roma in education that in the conditions of the COVID-19 crisis, the work of the associates was facing serious challenges.

Since school activities are now, except in the school premises, realized from home, i.e. online, the associates-mediators found themselves in an unenviable position, i.e. the specific circumstances in which they have to work on a daily basis.

According to the information we received, some mediators visit plentiful schools and households several times during the day, depending on the needs of the pupils. The transportation for these activities is not provided for them, so they finance the expenses for these needs from their budget. Please also have in mind that some facilities where Roma pupils live are located outside the city, which requires additional costs.

In addition to the expenses that associates set aside for transportation, there is communication with pupils and parents by phone, which mediators also finance from their budget, since not all children have internet.

We also reminded the Ministry of Education that 10 associates, out of 21 engaged in primary schools in Montenegro, come from the Roma community, which is the most economically vulnerable minority community in Montenegro, and that their basic monthly allowance of 280 euros cannot cover these costs.

NGO Young Roma pointed out that they were not hired during the summer vacation, and therefore have no income.

Consent to submit this proposal was given by all associates hired to work in primary schools with Roma children for the 2020/2021 school year. This is the first initiative that connects them in order to jointly solve the problems they face, the NGO Young Roma will continue to work on improving their position.



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