Visit to Bajramshaha Jasharaj, employee of the Start plus market - A smile that makes everyone return

In the Start plus market, owned by the Jasharaj family, which is located in the Spanskih boraca street, you can find everything you need - from a needle to a locomotive. The rich offer of fresh fruits and vegetables, delicacies, dairy products, pastries, and personal hygiene products, attracts not only customers from the settlement, but the ones from all parts of the city. However, discounts and various items are not the only things customers return to. In this trade oasis on Konik, at the very entrance, there is a coffee machine, from which we immediately grabbed a macchiato. But even delicious hot drinks that invigorate passers-by or customers waiting for a longer purchase are not the only reason to return. What makes the market successful is the family atmosphere and smiles, because you will admit, there is nothing that can brighten your day like a smiling face. It is this smile on the face of cashier and saleswoman Bajramshaha Jasharaj. She waved at us and invited us to visit Start plus. And so began our story.












She told us that for easier communication, everyone calls her Erika, and her sister, Malsija Medina, Dina. We quickly became convinced of that. Dina sits at her sister's chair at the cash register, while Erika informs us about the store and talks about herself.

- I have been involved in this business since I was a child. My family has always been involved in trade, and we opened the Start plus market on August 21, 2019 - Erika explains.

She is a chef by profession, she graduated from Secondary Vocational School Sergije Stanic, and so did her younger sister.

- I have a wonderful experience when it comes to education. I never had problems communicating with teachers and peers, I was one of the most popular girls in school. I did my internship in some of the most famous hotels and restaurants, such as Hilton, Ramada, Plantations July 13, Marco Polo...

Bajramshaha, however, does not plan to stop with education, although she has decided to contribute to the family business.

- In September, I want to enroll in the fourth year in the field of culinary technician, and after that I want to be a University student and study English at the Faculty of Philology in Niksic - this hard-working girl revealed to us.

Working in the market was a logical sequence of things, it is our everyday life. That's how our day begins and ends. Sometimes, if necessary, we do double shifts because we are open non-stop, from zero to 24 hours. There is also Dina and my brother, who also works in the market and attends the Medresa, as well as my sister Almedina, an accountant who takes care of the business. Education helped us a lot in acquiring work habits.

As we talk to Bajramshaha, customers say that the Jasharaj sisters always make them happy with their positive energy.

- Well, I'm always glad to see you - adds one of the regular customers, to whom Dina reserved the best watermelon.

They tell us that they rarely have misunderstandings with customers.

- If it happens that someone is too demanding or has a bad day, we manage and try to make them happy. We are always available, even if someone cannot pay, we help them out, they will pay us back the next day - the older sister explains.













- When it comes to the sweets, the best selling are the Kinder brand products, and I recommend my favorite dessert Milka brownie to everyone - Erika points out and gives us a box of her favorite sweet.

Although she works hard, she finds time for herself. Since 2016, Erika has been learning Korean independently online, and she also likes to draw. She believes that graphite pencil and paper are all that is necessary for the birth of art.

- I love Korean music, their cartoons - anime and I draw inspiration from it.

Our interlocutor also has a message for her peers: Learn and never give up! Follow your dreams.

Realizing that the market is crowded and that it would be better not to get in the way to Bajramshaha's work, we say goodbye until the next meeting and macchiato. She does not allow us to leave empty-handed and gives us refreshing juice.

Come again - says the owner of the warmest smile in the neighborhood!













Written by: Milena Cavic, journalist, associate
Text adapted by: Samir Jaha

Translation: Milena Cavic, Milos Knezevic

The views expressed in this text can in no way be considered the views of the NGO Young Roma, the Roma Education Fund and the European Union



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