Majda Maljesaj, student of the Vocation Medical School - Learn, earn your living, be independent

Majda Maljesaj is a beneficiary of our support program Increasing access and participation of Roma students in secondary education and transition to the labor market funded by the European Union, and implemented through the Roma Education Fund. She is a second-grade student at the Vocational Medical School in Podgorica. She attends the medical beautician course. Majda wanted to be a dentist, but the profession she is studying does not seem bad to her, moreover, she is increasingly found in that field. 


- Although as a child I wanted to be a dentist, now I realize that my direction is very promising - explains Majda.

What areas do you study in school? What does a medical beautician need to know?

- Must have knowledge in the field of biology, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, applied chemistry and biochemistry in cosmetics. Also, the beautician must have a good knowledge of Latin, cosmetic raw materials and preparations, to be trained to organize work in the salon. It is also important to be entrepreneurially oriented - she continues.

Do you have that entrepreneurial spirit in you? If you had the chance, would you open your own salon?

- My education is in the first place and I plan to enroll in the Faculty of Medicine. After that, I'll think about it. In any case, I will either work in a salon or I will open my own, because I really like this job - says Majda.

How are you doing at school?

- Sometimes I have problems in communication with some students, but I also have good friends with whom I hang out even after class. As for the subject, mathematics is my weak point, but I try, I do my best. I like foreign languages, I study Turkish and Spanish in my free time, and I speak English and Russian, Latin is also one of my favorites - says this student.

Do you have the support of a mentor?

- I have great help from my mentor and school psychologist Milana Raicevic, who is very dedicated to me - Majda is grateful.

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities?

- Not within school, but I would love to. I am a volunteer in the Igrackoteka (Toy Library). It all started in the sixth grade of primary school, when I took my brother there for the first time because we heard that there are many free interesting workshops and activities. I have been involved in their learning support program since the ninth grade. Every Saturday I help first, second and third grade students - we learn letters, practice reading, etc. Now, during the CODVID-19 pandemic, all activities have moved to the Internet, they are performed through the Zoom application. I was not in the role of an online mentor, but I am a user of some workshops, for example in English. I hope to start live workshops soon. Working with those children means a lot to me, I participate in craft trainings, I learned to knit, and we also have trips. We visited the Lipska Cave, Museums and galleries ... Now we will probably have some actions on the occasion of the beginning of the school year, I will help collect school materials for children - says Majda.

Tell us something about your family. Do you have their support?

- My biggest support is my mother with whom I live. She has dedicated her entire life to me and my siblings. She is not educated, she is unemployed and that is why she wants to give us a better future. I have two brothers and two sisters, I am the oldest. One sister enrolled in the Trade School, majoring in cooking, the youngest sister is in the fourth grade of elementary school. One brother attends eighth grade and the other sixth grade. She would love to be a hairdresser. The brothers want to enroll in the Mechanical School - he speaks honestly.

Where do you live?

- I live in Zeta. I love nature, greenery, my aunt and neighbors have a garden, so I stay with them a lot - says Majda.

Do you have a message for your peers?

- Finish school, secure your future, don't get married early, earn your bread, be independent - says Majda Maljesevic.

Interview conducted by: Milena Cavic

The views expressed in this text can in no way be considered the views of the NGO Young Roma, the Roma Education Fund and the European Union



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