Municipal Taskforce Group meeting in Bijelo Polje

In the premises of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje, on June 22, 2020, a meeting of the Municipal Taskforce Group was organized, which was attended by: Mayor Petar Smolovic, Damir Mustajbasic, independent Municipal advisor, Milos Kljajevic, Head of the Office Department in the Secretariat for Local Self-Government, Fahrudin Begovic, Municipal manager, Rafet Mulic, facilitator of the Bijelo Polje Municipality, Alessandro Botta, Project Officer, Samir Jaha, Focal Point and executive director of NGO Young Roma, as well as members of Roma community: Ringo Selimovic, Marija Bozovic, Slobodan Markovic, Esko Selimovic, Vinetu Selimovic.



Community Action Group meeting organized in Ulcinj

ROMACTED team members participated in the Community Action Group (CAG) meeting which was organized on June 19, 2020, in Ulcinj. The meeting was organized by the Municipality of Ulcinj facilitators, Marko Junkovic and Almir Beganaj. In order to ensure greater involvement of community members in improving the Roma integration process, as part of the ROMACTED programme, CAG groups have been established which work within the local Roma communities. The members of the group are representatives of the Roma population who want to actively contribute to improving the quality of life of the RE population.


Institutional Working meeting organized in Herceg Novi and Bar

On June 11, 2020, members of the ROMACTED team organized a meeting on the premises of the Municipality of Herceg Novi with representatives of local self-government, Ranka Suberic, associate for achieving social rights of citizens and Tamara Vujovic, advisor of the Municipality Mayor. The reason for the meeting was the work on the final version of the Local Action Plan (LAP) for the integration of the Roma population, which should be adopted on one of the next sessions of the local parliament.


Sultan Beca: Helping the community is priceless

One of the most important links as it is necessary to fulfill the chain of tasks in the field of education is the mediator. The one assigned this very demanding role provides support to children, parents, and teachers. He cooperates, talks, actively influences, balances, and „jumps in“ when it is needed most.

In this demanding job, someone you can rely on is Sultan Beca from Berane. He is a facilitator in the ROMACTED programme for the Berane Municipality, and an associate in the field of social inclusion in education. At the Elementary School Radomir Mitrovic, he and his colleague Petrit Amurllahu take care of 140 children. The goal is that elementary school students stay in school, attend classes regularly, and continue their education. Beća lives in the settlement Riverside, which shares its name with the famous city of California. Besides the name, they have something else in common – population density. It's just that Riverside in Berane, unlike the one in America, doesn't have such good tempting conditions. We talked with Sultan about the opportunities for the RE community in Berane, the housing, the health field that needs special attention, and the current situation of the RE community in the field of education in the Riverside and Talum settlements.

How is he coping? This humble and dedicated young man, who does not stop doing good deeds, told us is the burden too heavy and what are the ways for RE children and adults to break free and show their full potential. The information he presented to us is worrying.


ROMACTED program support for community development in Niksic

As part of the ROMACTED program, on June 8, 2020, a meeting of the Community Action Group (CAG) was organized in Niksic. The meeting was led by Mariana Blecic, facilitator in the Programme for this municipality. Having in mind the key goal of the CAG, which is to improve the well-being of the entire community, the meeting discussed the problems and opportunities to support young and older people from the Roma community in Niksic. At the meeting, it was decided that in the coming period, work will be done to ensure a bus stop in Trebjeska Street, from where two city buses depart and transport children to the Mileva Lajovic Lalatovic Elementary School and to all important public institutions in the city center.




United we reach more!


Scholarships for Roma high school students




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