Guest appearance of the Executive Director of the NGO Young Roma on RTV Herceg Novi

The Executive Director of the NGO Young Roma, Samir Jaha, was a guest on the morning program of RTV Herceg Novi regarding adoption of the Local action plan for Roma community inclusion at the Assembly of the Municipality of Herceg Novi.



Strengthen of Roma community in Municipality of Bijelo Polje

Through the ROMACTED programme, the facilitator from Bijelo Polje, Rafet Mulic, has organized on 19 and 24 June Community Action Group meetings. The meetings were organized with the aim of empowerment Roma community members, in order to express their interest in solving problems within the community. In order to formulate constructive proposals for changing the situation in the Roma community, the meetings discussed the housing problems of Roma in the Rakonje settlement, the arrangement of the Roma settlement of Strojtanica, the cultural integration of Roma in the municipality.


Melisa Berisa: I want to set a good example for young people

The name Melisa is of Greek origin and means bee (from the Greek - melitta, melissa) or sweet as honey. This is exactly how our interviewee is - smart, hardworking, and charming. Melisa Berisa had finished the second grade of the Secondary Vocational School Ivan Uskokovic with honors and she is a class president. Berisa hopes to finish school as a valedictorian. While her friends are taking a break from school obligations, she decided to have additional education during the summer, and she was hired by the NGO Young Roma as an associate on education projects. She says she will never stop learning, contributes to the Roma community, motivates young people and sends positive examples. She is combative and responds to adversity and obstacles with even greater dedication and hard work. Maybe it has to do with Leo, her zodiac sign, or a strong sense of self-awareness, but this girl knows her way!


Improving sources of income community members is priority

Through the ROMACTED programme, two Community Action Groups (CAG) operate in the municipality of Berane in the settlements of Taulm and Riverside. In this regard, on June 22, 2020, a meeting was organized with representatives of the ROMACTED team and members of the CAG from these settlements. The needs of the Roma community in these settlements, employment problems, the social position of Roma community members, education were discussed at the meeting. It was concluded at the meeting that one of the priorities of the CAG for the coming period should be to improve the sources of income of community members through support for improving employability. Only two Roma members are employed in Berane. Other members of the community are engaged in private physical work, working for diem allowances, collecting secondary raw materials and etc.


Nardi Ahmetovic: Roma people have a rich culture that deserves full promotion

Nardi Ahmetovic came to Montenegro when he was seven years old. He finished primary and secondary school in Niksic. The award for his active support of others as an honorary citizen is another’s sign of his empathy. Listening to his own and the needs of young members of the Roma community he founded NGOCenter for the affirmation of Rome and Egyptians. He is an active member of the local action group in the ROMACTED, joint programme between the European Union and the Council of Europe. We talked with Ahmetović about cooperation with NGO Young Roma, volunteerism, life in Montenegro.




United we reach more!


Scholarships for Roma high school students




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