The construction of a children's playground in Vrela Ribnicka is planned through the ROMACTED program

ROMACTED team members: Samir Jaha, NGO Young Roma executive director, Alessandro Botta, project officer, Serdjan Baftijari, ROMACTED programme facilitator, Ivan Terzic, Secretary of the Secretariat for Social Welfare in the Capital Podgorica have visited the settlement of Vrela Ribnicka, on July 21, 2020, where they talked with Andrija Cadjenovic, executive director of doo Čistoća, as well as Sabit Pajazitaj, president of the NGO RAE Council of the Camp.

The aim of this field visit was to select a potential location for the construction of a children's playground at Vreli Ribnicka in the immediate vicinity of the newly built residential buildings where the Roma community of 1,200 people displaced from Kosovo lives. It is planned that the construction of this playground will be supported through the ROMACTED program.


Members of the Roma community want the arrangement of the Sokolana settlement

In order to ensure greater involvement of community members in improving the Roma integration process, a meeting of the Community Action Group (CAG) was organized in Bar, in Sokolana settlement, on July 5, 2020. The mentioned meeting was organized and led by facilitators for the Municipality of Bar - Sabra Decevic and Vasfije Tusha together with representatives of the Roma population who want to actively contribute to improving the quality of life of the community in this municipality.


Rafet Mulic: Roma deserve better chances for life

Writer, librarian, president of the NGO Culture club, facilitator for the municipality of Bijelo Polje on the ROMACTED programme, Rafet Mulic is recognized in the Roma community as a man who does everything to make the Roma voice heard louder, is maximally involved in awakening and empowering the Roma population. Mulic perceives the problems of the most endangered group in the region as his own because only in that way you can feel the sting of the ungiven chances and denied opportunities. That is why our interviewee is a friend to whom young people rush, and to whom older Roma confesses. Thus, a place has been formed in the library of the Secondary Vocational School in which all obstacles are overcome through the bridge of words. We talked with Mulic about the everyday life of the Roma community, prejudices, literature in the Romani language, library records about the Roma, the engagement of other actors for the purpose of full integration.


Zineta Selimovic: Roma want to be part of the modern world

NGO Roma from North, led by Zineta Selimovic from Bijelo Polje, is doing everything to empower Roma men and women to actively participate in society. Selimovis says that cooperation between Roma NGOs is the most important, and the fruit of that teamwork will surely be sweet and recognized by other NGOs and the majority population. Zineta's contribution was especially visible during the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The wave that swept the Roma settlements did not overwhelm them, thanks to her accomplishments. She invited her fellow citizens to stay at home and save their own and the health of others, she delivered food and hygiene products to their families... She taught us solidarity, unity, and showed how important it is to take care of others. We talked to, we can freely say, one of the heroines of the Roma community about the training, the projects she implements, the burning housing issue, and other problems of the Roma population in Bijelo Polje.


Rozana Bozovic: We Roma can only achieve something if we stick together

Rozana Bozovic, a representative of the NGO Roma Movement from Bijelo Polje, says she will never give up on education – both, formal and nonformal, despite the difficulties, because only then she can help her community. Although young, through the NGO Roma Movement, she is our active associate. She is currently helping to enroll Roma children in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools within the project New beginning for 500 Roma students because, as she says, the inclusion of children in the education system must be a natural thing. Rozana participated in numerous projects, worked at the Vocational High School, and after the REspect campaign, her face became recognizable in Bijelo Polje. Her name is often mentioned in the media, and why this hard-working and capable girl deserved much more, find out in the lines that follow.




United we reach more!


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