Visit to Municipality of Berane

During this visit we participated at the meeting between the CAG members and Local authorities. 

Institutional working group(IWG)  member  Ljubinka Mijovic and member of Community action group (CAG) and IWG Ardijan Salja presented information regarding Local action plan its content and requests of community. Facilitator explained when  IWG was established, how IWG started  to work and  steps that have been taken to develop local action plan,  as well as the public discussion is still open . As Nikola Raicevic, representative of the local primary school, he addressed several issues from draft local action plan from June which have been discussed  by other members of IWG Ljubinka Mijovic and Adrijan Salja  as well as facilitator.

After the  meeting members  of ROMACTED team Roma visited Roma settlement Talum where we had a meeting with 20 Roma community members.  This activity was organised by our collegue Fatima Naza who has a long workking  history with the Roma community from Berane.   Certain issues were discussed  and agreed on intensifying activities related to the integration of the Roma community in Berane.



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