Visit to Municipality of Niksic

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The visit to Municipality of Niksic was consisted of meeting with the representatives of the Niksic Municipality and a a meeting with the members of the roma community.

The purpose of the meeting was to introduce Mr. Botta - the project officer of the ROMACTED programme for Montenegro to the representatives of the Municipality as well getting to know their current activities and being informed on the situation of the Roma community and their ongoing issues  

 At the meeting with the representatives of the Municipality (Ms. Radojičić - Head of the Office for Youth and Mr. Korać - Secretariat of the Secretariat for Youth, Sport, Culture and Social Welfare), we discussed the limitations of the adopted LAP which was adopted before the beginning of the implementation of the Romacted programme. Some of the limitations which were discussed are poor indicators, no timeframe or responsibility for the activities, small budget.

With the representatives of the Municipality it was agreed to prepare a list of priorities for 2020 with the members of the working group for the implementation of LAP.

The second meeting with the Roma representatives of the once again highlighted the problems facing by the community (poor material and housing conditions and low education).

It was agreed at the meeting that CAG representatives will continue to be supported in the future. Also, and to work on the priorities with ROMACTED facilitator, as wel as to create a project that can contribute to solving problems/priorities at the municipal level.