Meeting with the Minister of Human and Minority Rights

The ROMACTED team held a meeting with the Minister of Human and Minority Rights, Mehmed Zenka, on March 27, at the premises of the ministry. The meeting was also attended by the Head of the Program Office of the Council of Europe in Podgorica, Angela Longo. The occasion of the meeting was to inform Minister Zenka on the previous activities of the ROMACTED program, as well as suggesting better cooperation with certain municipalities.

Minister Zenka was also informed about the engagement of additional facilitators, whereby each targeted municipality is covered where the methodology of the program runs smoothly. He was also informed about the engaged experts, who will work with the others involved in the program on the preparation of the Local Action Plans, the analysis of services in the municipalities concerning Roma and Egyptians, and then on the development of a situational analysis analysis, as and on providing support for writing and implementing EU projects.

The meeting with Minister Zenka will be one of the regular activities of the ROMACTED team in the future, where we will work together to improve the position of RE community in Montenegro.



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