ROMACTED activities in the municipality of Podgorica

In the period between July and September 2018, numerous activities were carried out concerning the Roma community in the municipality of Podgorica.

Visits were done in order to inform the local population about the ROMACTED program and their further enrollment in the Community Action Group (CAG). Over 40 people came in contact with the visit.

It has been agreed that members of the RE population working as mediators in the field of employment and education will access the CAG.

The result of the visits was also the formation of the Community Action Group (CAG). Members of the CAG are young members of the Roma population who for a long time deal with issues of inclusion of Roma in Montenegro.

Facilitator Elvis Berisha, together with members of the CAG, made a list of priorities, one of which is to reduce the pollution of Konik settlement and to remove garbage from the streets and from the yard in front of the houses where people live.

This was also a trigger for the first action CAG carried out, which involved the cleaning of Vrela Ribnička settlement in Podgorica.













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