New phase of ROMACTED Programme presented to the management of the Municipality of Tivat

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Members of the ROMACTED team, consisting of Council of Europe Project Officer Milica Kovacevic and Executive Director of the NGO Young Roma Samir Jaha, held an initial meeting on June 22 in Tivat Municipality with Mayor Zeljko Komnenovic and his team, Vice Presidents Goran Bozovic and Vladimir Asic, Secretary for social activities Borko Mršulja, as well as Patricia Pobrić, manager of the Municipality. The meeting was also attended by the representative of the Ministry of Justice, Human and Minority Rights, Sokolj Beganaj.

0101 Tivat ROMACTED IIThe first visit to the Municipality within the ROMACTED phase II Programme was to acquaint the representatives of the municipality with the Programme and activities that will follow in the next four years. The meeting announced the signing of a memorandum of cooperation within the ROMACTED Programme between the Council of Europe, the Ministry of Justice, Human and Minority Rights and 7 local governments that will be part of the second phase of the program.

The representative of the Ministry, Sokolj Beganaj, introduced the participants to the draft of the new strategy for social inclusion of the Roma community and presented the key areas and expected activities.

The President of the Municipality of Tivat and his associates indicated their full readiness for cooperation and asked for support in finding a partner for the purpose of jointly solving the housing problem for Roma residents of two settlements, one of which is 7. jul, and the other Lovanje.

The gratitude of the leadership of the Municipality for the established good communication and cooperation with the NGO Young Roma was also expressed.

The European Union and the Council of Europe ROMACTED II Programme will be a natural continuation of the implementation of Phase I of the ROMACTED Programme in the Western Balkans and Turkey (2017-2020), which will serve to expand efforts to improve the integration of Roma in local communities through increased participation in local policy and implementation of local actions. ROMACTED II will continue to help local authorities integrate Roma-specific measures into regular local policies, action plans related to these policies, budgets and the provision of public services, thus increasing the democratic participation and empowerment of local Roma communities.

The project pursues the following objectives: improving local democracy, accountability, inclusion and response to Roma citizens, and thus improving service delivery.

The NGO Young Roma was selected as an organization that will provide support in the implementation of the second phase of the ROMACTED program. The financing agreement between the Council of Europe and our organization was signed on May 31, 2021, when we started the implementation, which will last for 43 months.