On motivation and respect with Sulejman Bugari

On June 3, 2021, the NGO Young Roma organized a lecture on the topic of Motivation and Respect, in the amphitheater of the School of Secondary and Higher Vocational Education Sergije Stanic, and which was held by Sulejman Bugari, theologian and professor at the Mehmed Fatih Madrasa. The lecture was organized within the project Learning Support for Roma and Egyptian High School Students, implemented by the NGO Young Roma and funded by the UNICEF office in Montenegro.


The lecture was attended by 40 students from different High Schools - School of Secondary and Higher Vocational Education Sergije Stanic, Madrasa Mehmed Fatih, Secondary Vocational School Spasoje Raspopovic from Podgorica, Vocational Medical School from Podgorica, Secondary School of Economics Mirko Vesovic, and Secondary Vocational School Ivan Uskokovic from Podgorica. Professor Bugari talked to the students about how emotions affect motivation, what are the differences and similarities between emotions and motivation, about obstacles in respect and esteem among people in general, but also about obstacles in respect among youth.

Professor Bugari pointed out that he was especially glad to be able to talk to young people from different social groups on these topics because the very existence of different groups in one territory that intertwine represents the great wealth of Montenegro. Young people need to develop a culture of looking at a person as a part of themselves, because we can truly meet someone only if we know ourselves well enough, said Professor Bugarski. Respect each other, look for the answer to be better towards each other, try to find the root of the problem, and offer a solution to that problem, Bugarski told the youth.

The project Learning support to secondary school Roma students aims to prevent early dropouts of Roma students enrolled in the first grade of high school, improve their overall school success at the end of the year, by providing mentoring support, workshops to help students raise awareness on specific topics as well as through the provision of peer support in learning.

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