Ruždija Ruso Sejdović, who was born in Kuči (Lijesta) near Podgorica, and lives and works in Germany, is one of the few Roma in this region who writes and produces in Romani. Through his poetry, prose, short stories, Ruždija keeps the spirit of the Roma people in his own way. His art embodies the spirit of the Roma people.

This writer and poet believes that man always introduces himself and is always surprised by himself usually through other people.
- For writers, cultural workers, artists, it is a true pleasure to be among their people, where they can expect a positive or negative criticism as a sign of their cultural life. My contact with Montenegro is nostalgic, as I feel that belong to you and this land, that's why  I will try and continue to come - said Sejdović.

Center for the preservation and development of cultural minorities in Montenegro, organized an ehxibition for the International Roma Day in Perjanički Dom on April 9, 2014 in Podgorica, where works of art and literary works of Selam Pato and Ruždija Ruso Sejdović were presented.

Scholar Zuvdija Hodžić said that Ruždija Sejdović is a poet who draws on the tradition of his people, and he might not be aware of it.
- There is a Romani proverb which says: "As long as the man's forehead smiles, so long his star will shine." Ruso's forehead began smiling very early, even though he did not have an easy life - said Hodžić.

Sejdović, according to him, managed to break down prejudices in his enviroment and to become a symbol of Roma man and the creator.

- An Arab proverb says: "Every original is a gemstone, each translation is a simple stone." Ruso's work, even when translated expresses great poetry and prose. Ruso is great, not because he is the first, not because he's Rom, but because he is really a great writer and a man. Only a man of such spirit could sail into the world and find the strength to get into someone else's world and prove himself, and then again keep coming back, not forgetting his roots and place he started from - said Hodžić on this extraordinary creator and artist.

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