Great and unique ESMA REDŽEPOVA, UNESCO ambassador, who was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, te Queen of Romani music and Roma, has a worldwide reputation, which was created during 50 years of her musical career. Esma is a synonym for Gypsy music. She has given more than eight thousand concerts, singing in fifteen languages​​, released more than 60 albums, while her voice was described as a 'gift from God'.

One of the most regognised ethno-world artists, "Gypsy Lady from Skopje", as she calls herself, grew up in a eight-member-family. Her musical career began when she was only 11 when she was taken under the wing of Stevo Teodosijevski, who became her husband 12 years later.

Stevo and Esma adopted  47 children, all sons, because they thought it might be better not to mix male and female children who are not related.

Today, all their sons are musicians. They play several instruments and follow Esma on her tours. Esma started with humanitarian work and  thinking back in the second grade when she received a gift from the Red Cross.

"When I received the red hat and gloves and socks, I told myself: If one day I shall have a little more, I'll share it with someone else," said Esma.

Esma has numeruous recognitions received for her humanitarian work. Helping children and the poor became her goal, even bigger than winning the top list. Within her home, she is building Home of humanity and music that will carry her name and her late husband. When she dies, will leave the house to her hometown.

United we reach more!


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