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Samir Jaha is the founder of the NGO Young Roma. He wrote and developed the project of opening offices for Roma "Roma Centre" in cooperation with the Municipality of Herceg Novi, which has been active since 2006. During 2006/07 he was hired by the Open Society Institute from Budapest as a researcher for the monitoring of the implementation of the Action Plan for the Decade of Roma in Montenegro. He managed and coordinated the program "Step by step to citizenship," which was funded by the UNDP, which contributed to more than 200 members of the Roma community in Boka Kotorska having regulated legal status. From 2009 to 2011, he coordinated the project for the development of Local Action Plans for Roma integration, which were later approved and adopted by the local parliament in the municipalities of Herceg Novi, Kotor and Tivat. In 2012, he worked as a project associate for the project PGF Montenegro, which was implemented by the Centre for Democracy and Human Rights with aimed at strengthening the capacity of Roma NGOs. From March 2013 to March 2014 he was engaged at the position Coordinator for Montenegro to the OSCE / ODIHR as part of the project Best Practices for Roma Integration in the Western Balkans. From May to July 2014, Samir was an intern at the Delegation of the European Commission to Montenegro. Since October 2014 to September 2015, he was project assistant at German NGO Help Support to the integration and voluntary return of I/DPs and residents of Konik Camp – Phase II. He participated in numerous trainings, seminars and workshops in the areas of discrimination, media, human rights and so on. He is a member of the National Romani Council, Municipal Council for Cooperation with NGOs in Herceg Novi, and the Multidisciplinary Team for Protection Against Domestic violence at the Centre for Social Work in Herceg Novi.

Dijana Uljarević Božanović

Dijana Uljarević Božanović has broad professional working experience (12 years now) in NGO sector, public sector (Parliament of Montenegro) and diplomatic representation (British Embassy Podgorica) that have equipped her with significant skills and knowledge for different professional challenges and tasks.
She is involved in youth work and non-formal education since 2003 when she started her education through University course for Community Youth Work where she got basic knowledge on Personal Development, Life Period of Adolescence, Working with Individuals, Working with Groups, Working with Conflicts and Diversities and Management in Youth Work, as well as on Research in Local Community, Creating and running Training Program, Working with Conflict and Diversity, Practical Application in Actual Environment/ Co - working and Use of Training Materials
From 2005 until 2014 she was employed in national NGO Forum MNE ( where she had the chance to develop, manage, run, monitor and evaluate different activities, researches, initiatives, national and international projects as well as trainings targeting professionals working with vulnerable young people. Dijana also cooperated with other CSOs, institutions and corporations, aiming at providing better life conditions for young people. She had the chance to run numerous long term and short term projects, coordinate networks of NGOs, work on creation of Local action plans and practical policies, run trainings and support youth initiatives. She coordinates development of youth policy documents as responses to exclusion, discrimination and xenophobia, in particular in disadvantaged areas and for vulnerable groups. The fields she covers when providing capacity building trainings are: working with vulnerable groups of young people, establishing sustainable youth structures, project management, communication skills, peace building, team building, working with professionals who work with marginalized youth, developing key competences and practicing lifelong learning concept. Dijana has the experience in working with both young people (especially with Roma community, children without parental care and rural youth) and adults (teachers, representatives of municipalities and CSOs). Programs she was involved in contributed to peace building, conflict transformation, social integration and intercultural dialogue with neighbouring regions, with a special emphasis on Balkan region. She is engaged in NGO Young Roma work since March 2017.

Esmin Imeri

Esmin Imeri graduated at Faculty of Political Science, department of International Relations. During studies, he was involved in various projects and part time jobs, such as: project ,,Structural analysis of printed media in Montenegro“; 2012 parliamentary elections Exit Poll; MONSTAT poll taker. He was also participant of many confernces, seminars and trainings in Montenegro and in region. He did his internship through Government program of employment of university graduates at City District of Tuzi, Podgorica. Regarding work experience, he worked for one season at Nobu restaurant. Through the project ,,Knowledge and skills for job“ implemented by an NGO Centre for Civic Education, he took part in lectures for certain topics and after lectures he was appointed to an NGO Young Roma where he will be engaged in a three month internship.

Monika Tošić

Monika Tosic graduated from the Institute of Foreign Languages - department of translation studies. At the same faculty she obtained a Master degree, with a thesis Protection of linguistic rights of national minorities. After finishing the postgraduate specialist studies, she started working as a consecutive translator for the needs of the Ministry of Finance of Montenegro, where she acquired a significant translating experience in the field of banking and economic trends at both national and international level. She obtained excellent results in the testing of translators, organized by the Ministry of Foreign affairs. Monika has enriched her translating experience by working for the Educo Translation Bureau, too. She worked as an attendant at observation classes in the primary school Milorad Musa Burzan, where she improved her teaching experience by interfacing with children up to 8 years old.  Within her teaching experience, she also worked as an English professor at High school Slobodan Skerovic. Her long-term teaching commitment has started in 2014 at the Center for education and personal development Don Bosco, where she has been teaching all levels of English. As of 2016 she has introduced a Business English course at the aforementioned school. As of February 2017, she has started teaching English courses at the Institute of foreign languages. As a great literature lover, she was a member of the Young Poets’ Club in Radosav Ljumovic library. In 2006, she received the Reading Plaque Award from the Radosav Ljumovic library. During her high school education, she worked as a lyrical writer for the children's music festival Zlatna Pahulja. From 2012 to 2015 she was a member of the American Corner Journalism Club in Podgorica. As a club member, she wrote a series of articles for the online magazine Corner View, and some of them were in direct connection with the problems that affect minority communities in Montenegro. In 2011, she attended the seminar Social Change Model of Leadership, sponsored by  the U.S. Embassy in Podgorica. She has often provided Montengrin language service to foreigners who are on top of international institutions. As of January 2018, she has started her work engagement within the NGO Young Roma, where she enriches her personal end professional experience in the area of the protection of minority communities.

Serđan Baftijari

Currently a student of the third year of the Faculty of Political Science in the course of International Relations. Through years of activism in the non-governmental sector, he attended various seminars and trainings both in Montenegro and in the region. Some of them are: Training of lobbying and advocacy for civil society organizations (2011-2012) realized by NGO Forum MNE, NGO Proni Brčko and NGO Trijagolmik; Training for youth activists (6 months), NGO Forum MNE; Summer school on prevention of trafficking and risk behaviors, Forum MNE; Youth for Human Rights against Discrimination Seminar, Ljubljana, 2011.
As a Roma educational mediator, he worked on the EU Montenegro Inclusive Education Services Project (EU-MIESP) in 2012. He was also engaged by the international non-governmental organization REF (Roma Education Fund) on the project "Integration and Reintegration of I/ IDP-s from Kosovo" as a Roma education mediator in the period 2012-2013. Within the framework of the program Fellowship for Journalist for Roma / Egyptians / Ashkali Origin, financed by the ERSTE Foundation from Vienna, He passed a one-year training for journalists in weekly print media Monitor.
He had internships in Delegation of EU in Podogrica (Montenegro), Ngo Action for Human Rights(HRA) and NF Civic alliance.
He is one of the founder of the Roma Youth Organization "Walk With Us - Phiren Amenca"

Nerma Softić

Nerma Softic completed her bachelor studies at the Faculty of Economics - Department of Management, Podgorica. She is currently attends specialist studies at the same faculty - Department of Human Resource Management. In addition to schooling, her interests include accounting, study visits and foreign language learning.  In the NGO "Young Roma", she has been engaged since January 2018 through the internship program for university graduates.