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Samir Jaha is the founder of the NGO Young Roma. He wrote and developed the project of opening offices for Roma "Roma Centre" in cooperation with the Municipality of Herceg Novi, which has been active since 2006. During 2006/07 he was hired by the Open Society Institute from Budapest as a researcher for the monitoring of the implementation of the Action Plan for the Decade of Roma in Montenegro. He managed and coordinated the program "Step by step to citizenship," which was funded by the UNDP, which contributed to more than 200 members of the Roma community in Boka Kotorska having regulated legal status. From 2009 to 2011, he coordinated the project for the development of Local Action Plans for Roma integration, which were later approved and adopted by the local parliament in the municipalities of Herceg Novi, Kotor and Tivat. In 2012, he worked as a project associate for the project PGF Montenegro, which was implemented by the Centre for Democracy and Human Rights with aimed at strengthening the capacity of Roma NGOs. From March 2013 to March 2014 he was engaged at the position Coordinator for Montenegro to the OSCE / ODIHR as part of the project Best Practices for Roma Integration in the Western Balkans. From May to July 2014, Samir was an intern at the Delegation of the European Commission to Montenegro. Since October 2014 to September 2015, he was project assistant at German NGO Help Support to the integration and voluntary return of I/DPs and residents of Konik Camp – Phase II. He participated in numerous trainings, seminars and workshops in the areas of discrimination, media, human rights and so on. He is a member of the National Romani Council, Municipal Council for Cooperation with NGOs in Herceg Novi, and the Multidisciplinary Team for Protection Against Domestic violence at the Centre for Social Work in Herceg Novi.


Mehmet Beriša is one of the founders of the NGO Young Roma. He completed Secondary Hospitality School in Herceg Novi, the fourth level - Culinary Technician. He has worked on many Young Roma projects, during which he gained significant experience in the field of policy development, advocacy and social inclusion. In particular, he contributed to a successful realization of projects of developing cooperation between local governments with the Roma community in Herceg Novi and Improving the integration of Roma at the local level, whose main product was the Local housing study for Roma population adopted by the local parliament. As an activist in the project of the Open Society Foundation, he coordinated the campaign "I am a Roma, too" in Herceg Novi, Kotor and Tivat, whose aim was to encourage members of the Roma community to declare themselves at the census, to identify exact number of Roma in Montenegro. He was the first member of the Roma Council in Montenegro. He is a graduate of the Media Institute of Montenegro 2006; has successfully completed training on the work within the NGO sector through the OSCE project "Enhancing Romani Leadership Potential," which included 11 specialized workshops. Mehmet also dealt with journalism, working as a correspondent for Radio Tivat, in a show dedicated to the Roma population, entitled "10 questions". He is interested in exploring identity and culture of the Roma community, which is why he started working on Roma Cook Book. 


Sanja Knezević studied at the Department of Education teacher at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić, University of Montenegro. Sanja is one of the founders of the NGO "Young Roma" which is active since 2007. She has successfully completed an one-year training for work in the NGO sector through the OSCE and the Centre for Development of NGOs. Since 2007 she is engaged at NGO Young Roma on the various positions, as coordinator, assistant and volunteer. Sanja coordinated the project "Strengthening Roma women potential in Montenegro" and within the project, during 2008, she organized thematic workshops for Roma women on the issue of employment, social protection, education. A significant contribution was her work on a three-year project for the regulation of personal documents and citizenship for all members of the Roma community in the area of the Bay of Kotor. She has participated in projects for development of Local action plans for Roma Inclusion in the Municipality of Herceg Novi, Kotor and Tivat (2009-2011). In 2013, she was hired by the Centre for Preservation and Development of Minority Culture, and worked on Project Roma newspaper "Alavi" where she wrote about successful Roma in Herceg Novi. Beginning from 2013, she is dedicated to the promotion of education of Roma children in Herceg Novi through projects initiated by the NGO Young Roma and the OSCE mission in Montenegro. In the period from 2014 to 2016, she managed the project for "Increasing employability of Roma women" - when the first workshop "Dorra Nuova" for making handmade jewelry, was established. She is currently engaged in the project "Increasing employability of long-term unemployed women-Dorra Nuova".


Jelena Topalović graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Podgorica, Department of Social Work and Social Policy. She worked as a volunteer in many organizations, particularly in the Day Care Centre for children with disabilities, Service for assistance and support to people with gambling problems, Extended professional procedure for preventive educational treatment. She worked as an assistant and a social worker at the first and second phase of the project ,, Assistance program for integration and return of RAE and other I / RL who live in Konik ". She has worked on activities aimed at social integration of RE population living in Konik particularly on activities focused on children and youth, as well as activities to facilitate the accessibility of social services for adults. She worked on organizing and managing student practice for students of the Social Work and Social Policy. She participated in numerous exchanges, trainings and seminars in the field of civil society and youth mobility, such as: Social Entrepreneurship (ECE), Religious Diversity (E: A: M) Work in progress Easy transition (TDM 2000 Italy), Religious understanding (ULE Albania), Fighting Antigypsyism through grassrooths actions (Roma Active Albania), and many others. She is author of the study and Possibilities and obstacles- How to get a work. She is an active member of the NGA Nase doba.

At NGO Young Roma she is engaged since June 2016 as a project assistant.


Ibrahim Tatari has graduated SSVS " Sergije Stanić " in Podgorica . During his education , as an activist for the rights of Roma , he participated in numerous activities that are aimed at improving the situation of Roma and Egyptians in Konik , in Podgorica . Since September 2015 , Ibrahim was hired as an intern in our organization through program Support to the integration and voluntary return of I/DPs and residents of Konik Camp – Phase II , a partnership project implemented by the organization Help with financial support from the European Commission . After internship Ibrahim continued his work engagement in our organization, where he works  on the implementation of projects that further enhance his knowledge in the field of human rights and activism . Ibrahim is a participant of numerous seminars and trainings on human rights and democracy , political and public activism , public relations.

Esmin Imeri

Esmin Imeri graduated at Faculty of Political Science, department of International Relations. During studies, he was involved in various projects and part time jobs, such as: project ,,Structural analysis of printed media in Montenegro“; 2012 parliamentary elections Exit Poll; MONSTAT poll taker. He was also participant of many confernces, seminars and trainings in Montenegro and in region. He did his internship through Government program of employment of university graduates at City District of Tuzi, Podgorica. Regarding work experience, he worked for one season at Nobu restaurant. Through the project ,,Knowledge and skills for job“ implemented by an NGO Centre for Civic Education, he took part in lectures for certain topics and after lectures he was appointed to an NGO Young Roma where he will be engaged in a three month internship.

Dragana Vukčević

Dragana Vukčević has completed Professional medical school in Podgorica. Professional practice she finished through volunteer work at the Health care center Golubovci, where she was engaged as a laboratory technician. After that, she continued her education at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Podgorica, at the field of social work and social policy. During the studies, through the praxis program, she had the opportunity to become acquainted with the work of institutions such as the Fund for Pension and Disability Insurance and the Centre for asylum seekers. She is interested in further specialization in the field of human rights, family law and the field of special protection of the child. At NGO Young Roma she is engaged since January 2017 through the internship program for university graduates.