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About us

NGO Young Roma – Herceg Novi was registered in May 2005 as a local non-profit organization with the aim to contribute to improving the situation of Roma in Montenegro and their full integration into Montenegrin society. Therefore, the vision of our organization is: Roma men and women as equal, educated and active citizens of Montenegro.

Activities of Young Roma are primarily focused on working with the community and monitoring the implementation of national and local action plans in the field of social inclusion and integration of Roma, by encouraging active participation, advocacy, promotion and mediation in the exercise of minority rights.

To achieve its goal, our organization:

  • Animates and encourages young Roma men and women to be active participants in the decision making process relating to the integration of Roma;
  • Provides an active contribution to the education of Roma children and youth;
  • Works on resolving citizenship status and identity documents issues;
  • Contributes to the improvement of living conditions for the Roma community;
  • Works on preservation of Roma culture and tradition;
  • Initiates development of local action plans and strategic documents at the local level in the field of Roma integration;
  • Cooperates with all relevant national and international organizations aimed at improving the situation of Roma community.

Our organization is particularly recognized for activities and results in the field of regulation of the legal status of Roma inhabited at the territory of Montenegro. NGO Young Roma has also initiated and coordinated drafting and adoption of local action plans for Roma integration in the municipalities of Herceg Novi, Kotor and Tivat.

Through its dedicated work, this, at first, small, local organization, has grown into a credible partner of national and local institutions and international organizations. Since 2013, NGO Young Roma is the focal point of the Decade of Roma Inclusion.

As part of our regular activities, we cooperate with a number of local organizations and are members of several national coalition of non-governmental organizations with a common aim to improve the situation of the Roma community in Montenegro.

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