NGO Young Roma: Čistoća Herceg Novi, Ltd. owes workers overtime pays [CdM]

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NGO Young Roma informs the interested public that Čistoća Herceg Novi, Ltd. owes workers of this company overtime pays since June 2013. Hence, NGO Young Roma and the member of the Board of Directors Bekim Ahmetaj raised the issue of payment of these arrears. 

Bekim Ahmetaj is a member of the Board of Directors since 29 December 2015, when the Board of Directors of the Čistoća Herceg Novi, Ltd. named him the representative of the employees. After several unsuccessful attempts to collect the debt, Ahmetaj addressed the NGO Young Roma for help. In cooperation with our team, management of the company was submitted the request for payment of debts on 8 March 2016.

The request is accompanied by a list of signatures of 27 workers whom the company owes payment of overtime since June 2013. The Municipality of Herceg Novi, namely and the City Assembly and the Secretariat for Housing and Utility Services and Environmental Protection was notfied on this act. We hereby inform interested parties that we will soon prepare a list of all workers of the Čistoća, Ltd. whom are owed payments based on overtime work or any other grounds related to labour rights.

We hope that the leadership of the company will resoond positively to the request submitted within 8 days from the date of submission, and thus show that they do not violate the basic human rights of workers.

Please note that the NGO Young Roma recently launched project "Strengthening public activism of Roma - United we reach more!", which is supported by the EU and whose aim is to protect the rights of these workers. NGO Young Roma, the Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro and the Coalition Roma Circle will work together to prevent further violations of labour rights of this category of workers and to strengthen their unionisation.