Annual Members Meeting of ERGO Network

Representatives of NGO Young Roma participated in Annual Members meeting of European Grassroots Roma (ERGO) Network from Brussels. Meeting was organised in Skopje from 20th to 22nd October 2019 and it gathered more than 30 representatives of Roma NGOs from the EU, Western Balkans and Turkey.


Topics of this year's meeting were, among others: post - 2020 Roma policies, successes and challenges on European and national level up until today, as well as successfull initiatives of network members related to Roma integration (local partnerships, community-led local development, campaign for the Most Roma friendly Mayor...) In addition, participants were offered to participated in workshops about online fundraising and visual presentations. Exchange of experiences between Roma NGOs from EU and the Western Balkans resulted in numerous recommendations, and one of the most important ones was dedicated implementation and monitoring of Declaration of the Western Balkans' partners on Roma integration as a part of the process of EU accession, which was signed at Poznan summit in July 2019. Also, one of the recommendations concerns the need for continuous support and dedication of the EU to countries of the region. 




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