''Most Roma friendly Mayor'' campaign launched

''Most Roma friendly Mayor'' campaign is being conducted for the second time in Western Balkan countries and in Turkey. This campaign aims to raise awareness, change attitues and overcome obstacles in the process of Roma inclusion. Focus of campaign is put on strenghtening of dialogue betweeen local authorities and Roma communities, and increased visibility of positive examples of Roma integration. Important component of this campaign is competition for most Roma friendly Mayor, whose actions in previous period contributed to improvement of situation of Roma and Egyptians in his/her community.


Awarded mayors from Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Republic North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey will take part in study visit to Brussels in October 2019 where they will meet with high representatives of DG NEAR and where their work will be promoted as example of positive practice on local, national and regional level. Deadline for application is 6th September 2019.

Previous „Most Roma friendly Mayor“ campaign was launched in 2017, and the awarded mayor was the then mayor of Municipality Tivat, Ms Snezana Matijevic.

This campaign is part of the project „Joint Initiative to Empower Roma Civil Society in the Western Balkans and Turkey“, financed by the European Union. Regional project coordinator is Roma Active Albania and NGO Young Roma is a national partner organisation for Montenegro.

More information on application and selection procedure as well as on required documentation you can find here:

Info on campaign



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