National Platform for Integration of Roma in Montenegro 2019

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National platform for integration of Roma took place on 11th June 2019 in Podgorica, and was organised by the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights and Regional Council for Cooperation. The aim of this year's National Platform is to inform the Government of Montenegro, project team ''Roma Integration'', civil society and other stakeholders on Roma needs and to jointly plan further activities in areas of employment and housing.

Regional Council for Cooperation presented the country’s ‘Roadmap’ in these areas for the next three years, and steps that are planned in order to achieve set goals. The concept of Platform foresaw focused discussion on these two particular issues.

Executive Director of NGO ''Young Roma'', Samir Jaha, was one of the speakers at the event, during the panel “Employment – formalisation of undeclared work”. NGO Young Roma submitted initiative for standardisation of qualification “Collector of secondary raw materials” to the Centre for Vocational Education. Mr Jaha presented the current stage of standardisation process, and discussed with other participants possible obstacles and needs concerning standardisation and employment. In the forthcoming period, we plan further communication with relevant actors and Roma community related to successful development of this matter.