International Roma Day- simulation of parliamentary debate in Parliament of Montenegro

On the occasion of International Roma Day, a parliamentary debate was organized in the Parliament of Montenegro on 8th April, within the project "United we reach more- Voice to students, support to workers". Participants of the student activism program "Voice to students" conducted the parliamentary debate.

Considering that markingInternational Roma Day could be an opportunity to raise awareness about necessary improvement of the position of Roma population in Montenegro, speakers at introductory panel were representatives of relevant national institutions and international organizations.

At the introductory panel, participants were addressed by the Ambassador of European Union in Montenegro Aivo Orav, Head of Operations of Council of Europe Programme Office in Podgorica Angela Longo, Vice President of the Parliament of Montenegro Genci Nimanbegu, Ombudsman of Montenegro Šućko Baković, as well as Executive Director of NGO Young Roma Samir Jaha. In Parliament, speakers concluded that there is a new generation of Roma population in Montenegro that is capable of influencing the decision-making process equally with others, despite limited opportunities that Roma population has in different areas of life. The EU Ambassador to Montenegro highlighted and invited local authorities to find a legal solution that would allow Roma population to have representatives in both national and local parliaments. The Vice President of the Parliament of Montenegro believes that the field of promotion of Roma rights is broad and significant, and that it requires further progress with all challenges and commitments that Montenegro is undertaking in terms of further strengthening the system of protection and respect for human rights and freedoms when it comes to Roma population.

After that, participants of student activism program simulated a parliamentary debate. The parliamentary debate was about the Law on the Election of Councilors and Members of Parliament with emphasis on political participation of Roma population, greater representation of women on electoral lists, and greater accessibility of the entire electoral process for people with disabilities.













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