Launching conference for the project of scholarships for Roma high school students

On January 17 2019, at 11 a.m. NGO Young Roma organized Launching Conference in the EU Info Center, where the project "Increasing access and participation of Roma students in secondary education and transition to labour market" was presented.

The conference presented the main goal and activities that will be implemented within the project, the budget and the number of students who, according to the project are eligible for scholarship, mentoring and the opportunity to conduct the internship in the public or private sector.

Speakers at the conference were:

  • Mr. Samir Jaha, Executive Director of NGO Young Roma

  • Ms. Mladenka Tešić, Programme Manager for Human Rights and Democratisation, Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro

  • Ms. Milica Pajovic, as a representative of the Ministry of Education, and

  • Mr. Leon Gjokaj, General Director of the Directorate for Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Minority Nations and Other Minority National Communities, Ministry for Human and Minority Rights

The conference highlighted the significance of this project for the areas that are relevant for the inclusion of the RE population - the areas of education and employment, which the project specifically targets. The activities that NGO Young Roma plans to undertake in upcoming period are also indicated, such as the invitation for students to apply for the scholarship, as well as the invitation for mentors - professors, who will monitor the work and school success of Roma students.

The conference was attended by 40 people, among which were representatives of NGOs, international organizations of UNHCR, UNICEF, OSCE, Council of Europe, representatives of the Employment Agency, the Bureau for Education Services, Center for Vocational Education, Union of High School Students of Montenegro, and professors in secondary schools which Roma students attend.


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Scholarships for Roma high school students