Cooperation between NGO Young Roma and NGO MAPSS

The Executive Director of NGO Young Roma, Samir Jaha and president of NGO Montenegrin Association of Political Science Students (MAPSS) Mina Međedović, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation between NGO Young Roma and NGO Montenegrin Association of Political Science Students on 26. December.

NGO Young Roma is organisation that seeks to support protection of social, economic and political rights of Roma in Montenegro through capacity building, with a particular emphasis on linking and encouraging young people in Roma community to take concrete actions and initiatives, while also training teenagers to develop individual skills for benefit of personal and collective progress.

Considering that goals of both organizations are encouraging young people and their activism in making decisions in society, respecting mutual autonomy, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed.

The Memorandum was signed with the aim of improving and formalizing cooperation, and represents the basis for initiating and implementing joint initiatives, in order to improve conditions of young Roma and majority population in Montenegro.

The signatories of Memorandum agreed that cooperation will be based on principles of partnership, mutual trust, in a spirit of collegiality and equal relations. NGO Young Roma and Mapss will work together, through joint activities, in order to achieve goals of organizations. Through regular communication and information, cooperation will also include mutual promotion of projects and activities, as well as proposals of joint activities, with a particular emphasis on simulation of parliamentary debates at University of Montenegro.



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