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Completed training for handling with machine press

Respected individuals and representatives of the institutions,

We use this opportunity, on behalf of the NGO “Young Roma” and “The Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro” to inform the public about the completed training for handling with machine press, aimed at balling secondary raw materials for the group of collectors of secondary raw materials within the project „Waste no chance – Promotion of employment and working rights of Roma people, collectors of secondary raw materials. “ The training was held on 16 February 2018 in Herceg Novi.

Snezana Zurovac, the representative of LLC “Dimenzija”from Aleksinac, carried out the whole training. The mentioned company was given the role to deliver the equipment through a previously realized tender procedure. We emphasize that the project „Waste no chance“! is aimed at contributing to the inclusion and better working conditions of Roma people - collectors of secondary raw materials, while a specific aim of the project is the improvement of the working conditions and the productivity of Roma people - collectors of secondary raw materials through capacity building and networking.


In the previous months the organization provided professional press machines for paper and PET package (4 presses and 4 professional paper scales), which will be particularly beneficial for the collectors of secondary raw materials in four municipalities, covered by the project. In this manner, there will be a higher level of participation of Roma people – collectors of secondary raw materials in the process of their inclusion in the labor market and the operational development. Also, NGO “Young Roma” enabled 18 candidates the possibility of acquiring additional skills from the field of joint initiatives and syndical acting, protection at work, financial business and entrepreneurship, through four training sessions, specially designed to solve the recognized needs of the targeted group. One of the achieved aims of the project involves the process of the official registration of the “Professional trade of the collectors of secondary raw materials “, thus giving the users of the project a wide area for further formal acting and building partnerships at local and national level.

The project "Waste no chance!" has been financially supported by the European Union through the grant scheme “The development of human resources for 2012-2013 (The implementation of the training sessions of the project, the employment of disabled people and RE population). The Agreement on conducting the range of these activities was concluded with the Ministry of Finance – Directorate for Finance and Contracting of the EU Assistance Funds (CFCU). The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare is an institution in charge of the monitoring of the phases of the project, along with the whole grant scheme.

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