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Completed campaign for choosing the best president, Tivat Municipality won the award

NGO Young Roma is particularly pleased to inform the public about the results of the campaign for choosing the best president of the municipality, which, due to its commitment, has highly improved the position of the Roma and Egyptian minority groups within the municipality. We remind the wide public of the objective of the campaign in terms of strengthening the dialogue among the municipalities and the Roma communities as well as presenting the examples of good practice when it comes to improving the position of the Roma and Egyptian minority groups.

The four-member commission made up of the members of the representatives of the following organizations/institutions: NGO Young Roma, The Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms, The Employment Agency of Montenegro and The Ministry of Human Rights and Freedoms reached the decision based on the received applications and the accompanying documentation of six self-governments (Bar, Berane, Herceg Novi, Tivat, Podgorica and Niksic).

Ms. Snezna Matijevic – the president of Tivat municipality was chosen as the best president of all the Montenegrin municipalities. In relation to this, due to its advocacy, Tivat municipality has improved the position of the Roma and Egyptian minority groups to the highest extent.


The female representative of the Delegation of the European Union in Montenegro had an observing role during the process of the selection.

In the previous period, Tivat municipality conducted a variety of activities aimed at promoting the position of the Roma and Egyptian minority groups at a local level, and among a range of actions, the following ones shall be emphasized:

The example of good practice from Montenegro for the project “RE teaching assistant and mediator”, financed by the Council of Europe through the project “Promoting human rights and the protection of the minorities in the south-east Europe”, continuously supported by Tivat municipality.

  • Delivery of keys of new flats to four families belonging to RE population, built by the donation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the German Government , implemented by the German non-profit organization HELP, along with the participation of Tivat municipality,
  • Provision of parcel delivery, exempting the object from paying the taxes to the value exceeding 27.700 €, provision of project documentation and the costs of the technical reception not exceeding 65.000€,
  • Signing the protocol on accession, prevention and protection from the domestic violence in November 2011,
  • Forming the Secretariat for youth, sport and social issues in 2016, where a special working place has been systematized for gender equality, human and minority issues
  • Forming the Secretariat for youth, sport and social issues in 2016, where, for the first time, a municipality systematized a special working position dealing with gender equality, human and minority issues,
  • Representatives of RE population shall be entitled to the same rights as all other citizens from Tivat in the course of achieving a short-term financial compensation for a newborn,
  • A female representative of the RE population is the member of the board of directors of the tourist organization of Tivat,
  • The municipality of Tivat continues the activity of including the members of the RE population in the work of the municipal assembly of Tivat through the activities of the Institute “Slobodna stolica“ without the voting right, particularly when the discussed matter is of particular interest for this population,
  • The representatives of RE population are included in the work of the working group and they are also members of the Team for research and development of the local plan for social inclusion of Roma and Egyptians for the period of 2017-2021 in the municipality of Tivat.
  • Themunicipality of Tivat has a great cooperation with all institutions that deal with the burning issues of RE population (The Center for social work, Primary Health care Center, The red cross, preschool institutions and schools...),
  • Primary Health Care Centre in Tivat conducts in-field operations and monitors the villages where the representatives of RE populations live, along with many others villages.
  • The advertisement is published within the project „Common initiative for strengthening the Roma civil sector in the Western Balkans and Turkey“which is aimed at establishing the structures for facilitating an active participation of the Roma civil sector within the local and national policy and the decision-making process as well as creating a constructive and systematic dialogue among authorities and Roma non-governmental organizations.

Montenegro is one of five states where the above mentioned campaign has been carried out. Apart from Montenegro, the campaign has been carried out in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Macedonia, and resulted in the selection of five presidents of the municipalities who contributed to the promotion of the position of Roma and Egyptian minority groups. The work of the selected presidents will serve as a good example in practice which is going to be promoted at both local and national level, spreading to a regional level as well. The selected president from Montenegro will have the opportunity to take part in the study visit to Brussels in April 2018.

We use this opportunity to express gratitude to all participants within the campaign. We owe special congratulations to the winner hoping we will succeed in providing a continual of such an action in the forthcoming years.

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