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Round table with local self-governments and public utility enterprises

The NGO „Young Roma“ and „The Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro“ in partnership with “The Ministry of sustainable development and tourism” organized a round table, on 6 February 2018 in the multimedia conference hall of the Ministry, within the project “Waste no chance! – Promoting employability and labor rights of Roma waste collectors“.

The introductory panel was opened by the members of the following institutions: Herman Spitz, the Head of Cooperation Section on behalf of the “Delegation of The European Union”, Branka Milasinovic, on behalf of the “Ministry of sustainable development and tourism”, Samir Jaha on behalf of the NGO “Young Roma”, as well as Srdja Kekovic, on behalf of the „The Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro“.

The round table was aimed at presenting the advantages and the significance of organizing the collectors of secondary raw materials at local level, as well as providing further space for the discussion resulting in finding convenient sustainable cooperation models with the collectors of secondary raw materials, municipalities and local utility enterprises.

Apart from the representatives of local self-governments and the public utility enterprises from the municipalities Budva, Kotor, Tivat and Herceg Novi, the representatives of „The Embassy of Germany“ and the „OSCE“ were also present.

In the previous months the NGO „Young Roma“ enabled the possibility of acquiring additional knowledge and skills to 18 candidates from the four above mentioned municipalities within the scope of joint actions, syndical activism, work protection, financial management and entrepreneurship, through three training sessions, specially designed to meet the needs of the targeted group.

In addition to this, in November 2017, it was organized the „Professional Fair Trade of the collectors of secondary raw materials“ in Montenegro for the first time. The intention of the Fair is to build capacities, make networks, improve their skills within the area of waste management, entrepreneurship, working rights and doing overall business through joint and structured work. Eventually, the emphasis of its work involved the enhancement of The Fair’s own structures, thus enabling them the improvement of working conditions, an equal treatment in the labor market as well as an adequate work valorization.



The organization enabled the equipment for pressing and weighing secondary raw materials, in the value of 18 thousand of euros, which will be of great importance to the collectors of secondary raw materials in the four municipalities. In this manner, there will be reached a desirable level of the participation of Roma people, the collectors of secondary raw materials in the process of their inclusion in the labor market and the overall business development.

The round table presented the proposals for solving the current status of the collectors of secondary raw materials at local level, thus giving further space for the analysis of the various cooperation models of the aforementioned key actors. Apart from this, it also pointed at the difficulties and the challenges of these processes, and strengthened the belief of the organizers that the readiness for cooperation is strongly present.

The project "Waste no chance!" has been financially supported by the Delegation of the European Union through a grant scheme „The development of human resources for 2012-2013 (The implementation of the project of training and employment of disabled individuals and RE population). The Agreement on conducting the following activities was signed with “The Ministry of Finance of Montenegro”, The Directorate for Finance and Contracting of the EU Assistance Funds (CFCU). “The Ministry of Labor and social welfare” is the institution in charge of the monitoring of the phases of the project, and the overall grant scheme.

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