Organised final conference of the project Strengthening capacities of Roma for public activism – United We Reach More!

On Tuesday, July 11th, 2017. in Podgorica, a final conference was held on the occasion of the realization of the project "Strengthening Public Activism of Roma - United We Reach More." The project was implemented by the NGO Young Roma with the financial support of the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro with the amount of 91.000,00 EUR, in cooperation with Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro and the "Roma Circle" coalition. The conference was intended to present the realized activities and to inform the public about the results of the project.

Participation in the conference was taken, among others, by the Ambassador of the European Union to Montenegro, Mr. Aivo Orav, President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr. Ivan Brajovic, then President of the Main Board of the Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro, Mr. Vukašin Zogović, Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms Mr. Šućko Baković, as well as doc. Dr. Miloš Bešić.

In addition, young Roma activists also took part in the discussion, which spoke about the possibilities for social and political activism of Roma in Montenegro.

President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr. Ivan Brajovic, stated: "I am convinced that young and educated Roma man and women are not only a driving force for the integration of the entire Roma community, but also a resource of the entire Montenegrin society."

Ambassador of the European Union to Montenegro, NJ. Mr. Aivo Orav said: "The European Union will continue to support activities aimed at integrating the Roma population in Montenegro and I want to encourage the authorities to continue their efforts on this issue. United we can really reach more! "

The project "Strengthening Public Activism of the Roma - United We Reach More!", aimed to contribute to the protection social and economic rights of Roma in Montenegro through capacity building and trade union organization.

The main activities envisaged by this action were:

1) trainings for Roma activists on advocacy for human rights, the political system of Montenegro, public policies and public relations,
2) trainings on trade unionism and the protection of labor rights for workers working to maintain urban cleanliness,
3) research on the perception of the target group on the possibilities for the protection of economic and social rights, as well as the role of the trade unions.

Activities carried out under this resulted are:

1) improving the knowledge of Roma representatives to participate and effectively influence the decision-making process and public policies that address Roma issues;
2) an increased level of information and knowledge of the Roma population on how to achieve political, economic and social rights;
3) the establishment of three trade unions and, therefore, improved opportunities for economic and social protection of this category of workers, as well as the ensured sustainability of the protection of labor rights;
4) developing a strategic plan for trade union organizations in communal enterprises - members of the Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro
5) creating a platform for political and social activism
6) making an analysis of the results of the conducted research among the workers working on the maintenance of city cleanliness
7) working engagement of prominent activists of the project in civil society organizations

United we reach more!


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