The NGO Young Roma organized a meeting with mentors and representatives of the UNICEF office

On March 24, the NGO Young Roma held an online meeting with representatives of the UNICEF office and mentors from several schools in Montenegro.

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After introductory remarks and presentations of the organization and mentors, they discussed the initiative Learning support to secondary school Roma students implemented by the NGO Young Roma and finnancially supported by UNICEF, challenges, the impact of coronavirus on the education of Roma students.

The mentors spoke about the importance of mentoring support, knowledge of the socio-economic position of students in order to be able to take further steps in the right way in order to socialize and provide support in learning.

It was pointed out that live classes are more suitable for students because they have contact with mentors, friends from schools and they acquire knowledge more easily, unlike network methods when they have technical difficulties in remembering classes.

It is concluded that we need more sinergy between institutions, cooperation between sectors, and students in these COVID19 conditions even stronger support from school representatives.

United we reach more!


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