NGO Young Roma - sent today an appeal to the Capital of Cetinje (Secretariat for Local Self-Government and Social Activities), the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, the Ministry of Justice, Human and Minority Rights, as well as the Education Inspectorate, for urgent solutions of transportation problems for students from Roma population from the settlement Zagrablje.

According to the information received from the elementary school "Njegos", which is one of the schools where the NGO Young Roma implements the project "Improving primary education - first step towards quality secondary education" transportation has not been organized since the beginning of the second semester for Roma students. As a result, 23 students are unable to attend classes regularly due to unsecured transportation. As public transport in municipality does not work, there is no other way for students to come to school and attend classes.

We consider this issue alarming to solve, because it is an action that is discriminatory towards Roma community, which prevents them from attending classes regularly, acquiring knowledge together with peers, which ultimately affects the educational outcomes of children coming from this marginalized group. Considering that the consent of the parents on the necessity of transportation was collected by the school, that the van provided by the municipality is in function, and that the person who was hired earlier as a driver is ready to work, we appeal this way that this issue needs to be taken in consideration and solved as soon as possible in a way that students from Roma community continue their regular school obligations and attendance.

Having in mind information that the problem arose in the part related to the source of financing of van transport driver, NGO Young Roma asked the competent institutions to urgently declare themselves and inform the elementary school "Njegos" and the parents of the children about their decision. We remind that the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports finances transportation for students of Roma population in the Capital Podgirca and the Municipalities of Nikšić and Berane, and therefore our proposal is to continue this practice.

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